The Utmost Importance Of Being Open Minded

Our mind is the greatest thing in this universe. The size and depth and complexities of a single human brain cannot be measured or even fully studied, only the surface poked at.

It can’t be just me who thinks that to waste this powerful lump of tissue in our heads, with such scope, is possibly one of the worst of legal crimes you can commit? Living your entire life never having used it to its full capacity. And you wouldn’t even realise you were committing a crime, unless somebody opened your eyes to it.

The dictionary defines open mindedness as ‘being receptive to new ideas’. I think that is the simplest and most concise definition of the concept. That is the core idea.

To be receptive to new ideas. This entails something humans naturally struggle to, and have to, learn to do. To understand that your point of view is not the only in the world, neither is it the ‘right’ one.

Let’s break it down to smaller scale examples. ‘My taste is great.’ ‘Your taste is bad.’ The kind of things I hear every day, that don’t annoy me, but make me question people’s mindsets. I know a lot of it isn’t seriously meant but it evidently comes from somewhere.

And then, a question no one ever thinks to ask themselves arises. Have you forgotten that everyone has different taste and opinions on everything? Your cup of tea, someone else could hate, and you could hate what someone else loves. We all experience the world and everything in it wildly differently. Of course you’ll think your choice in music, or people, or clothes, or anything is the best.

But the truth is, there is no ‘best’ or ‘right’ or ‘bad’ when it comes to perspective. (Besides from a moral stance, of course.) Those are all terms we came up with to insult people whose opinions we don’t share or understand. This world is one of pure subjectivity. The only logical word to label we can use is ‘popular’, which is when a wider range of people share the same views. That still doesn’t mean they are necessarily the better or correct views, though, does it?

Broadening the horizons of one’s mind is a concept I think should be applied in several situations.

Consider other people’s approach to life, their thoughts and ideas and perspectives, because there will be great value in there somewhere. There will always be something you might never have thought of if it weren’t for other people.

Open your mind when you’re in a rut in life, a negative experience, starting with the smaller things. Yes, this is quite the difficult task when in the moment. Chances are, you won’t be thinking of this article next time you go through something difficult. But I hope you remember this bit alone, if anything, That there is actually good to be taken from every bad experience. A different way of looking at things. A sliver of hope remaining, an enlightening conclusion that couldn’t have been reached without.

Treat everyone with consideration of where they might have come from. You won’t ever know what struggles and experiences people have been through that shape them to be the way they are now. Take that into consideration when dealing with them and any interpersonal conflict you face.

A lot of people do this thing, where they come to you and ask for advice for a situation they’ve landed themselves in. You give them your advice. They say thanks. And never listen. Because, really, most people just do what they like, regardless of a good friend’s ‘advice’. That’s why I don’t ask people for advice. I just share my situations for perspective. Maybe someone can open my eyes. Make me think of something new. Just an observer’s opinion to help me see things in a different light, so I don’t hyperfixate on my own perspective — which we all know is never good.

Once you master open mindedness you also find the key to staying in a good position socially speaking. You start to see that no matter how many horrible things you dislike in somebody, there will always be wonderful things co-existing with it, and you know not to focus so much on one that you don’t see the other. When any social conflict occurs, look to both or multiple sides to learn the full story, all the facts, and only then are you in any position to pass judgment.

The essential message I’m trying to portray here is: There are infinite ways of looking at every single thing in existence, and infinite things in existence. To limit your mind to only one or a few from this infinite would be a tragedy. So open your mind. To all the possibilities and pathways out there. It only ever brings good in your life




Amateur blogger

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Nusaiba K.

Nusaiba K.

Amateur blogger

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